Deceased organ donation awareness and Volunteer Training Program for staff of Kauvery Hospital, Tiruchirappally

Updated on Tuesday, December 5, 2017
  • The Kauvery Hospital, Tiruchirappally invited MOHAN Foundation to conduct an Organ donation awareness session for their staff nurses and other paramedical staff.   73 staff of three units of the hospital attended the program which was the “Angels of Change” Volunteer training program. Dr. Hemal Kanvinde and Mr. Ruban Victor represented MOHAN Foundation and conducted the training.

    The training began with a welcome ceremony at 8.00am with senior administration and transplant surgeons gracing the occasion, Dr. Senguttuvan, Executive Director; Dr. A. Subramaniyan, Senior  Medical Administrator & Medical Superintendent; Dr. Mohamed Arif, Medical Administrator; Dr Rajasekahar Perumalla, Director, Liver and Pancreas Transplant and Dr, velmurugan, HOD Surgical Gastroenterology and HBO surgery were present at the morning session.

    The hospital honoured the memory of Bhaskaran a donor and felicitated his family. Dr. Hemal gave an overview of the transplant and spoke of the journey of MOHAN Foundation and the transplant coordinator training programs run by MOHAN Foundation.  This was followed by a Concept talk by Mr. Ruban Victor  detailing the what, why, when and how of organ donation. The talk was interspersed with donor stories and case discussions. It was a very interactive session.

    Senior doctors involved in brain death declaration and maintenance of Kauvery Hospital, Dr. Joe Jasper, Dr. Santhosham and Dr. Varun Prasanna explained brain death, certification and maintenance of a brain death potential donor. They spoke of the importance of reporting and taking correct notes on the case sheets about a brain death donor.  They reminded the nurses that they have to work within the Law and the policy of the hospital. 

    Dr. G. Balaji, nephrologist spoke of the need of renal transplants, the tests for living and deceased donation, exclusion criteria as given by NOTTO and contra-indication for renal transplants. He touched upon the HLA testing and the immuno-suppression. He gave an indication of need for long term follow up of a living donor and the need for nurses to keep in good touch with the attenders so that all information about the donor or recipient can be cross checked.

    This was followed by a talk on Liver transplantation by Dr. Velmurugan and Dr. Rajasekar Perumalla. The nurses were asked what preparation they do during a liver transplant in the OT.  Senior OT nurses actively participated in the discussion. Later they were shown a video of liver explantation. Dr. Velmurugan also explained what happens in the theatre during a donor retrieval surgery.

    Dr. A. Subramaniyan explained the role of nurses and transplant coordinators  and cautioned them with legal implication in different scenarios, like family requesting for directed donation, shifting of a donor from a smaller clinic to a larger centre,  unnecessary  sharing of  messages and whatsapp messages and  discussion about the donor or patients with other nurses in the corridors of the hospital.

    Post lunch the nurses were shown a recipient video and asked to write a thank you note to the donor family.  They read the “Stories of Hope” from the manual and  to take inspiration to write the note.  The best 5 letters were given a small prize. 

    Then the participants were given an exercise in communication and in importance of protocol in deceased donation.  Thos workshop was conducted by Mr. Ruban Victor. They were given time to go through the manual on presentation on organ donation and asked to prepare a talk themselves. There were 4 coordinators in the participants and they enacted a role play with a Q&A session on deceased organ donation.  It was very useful for the nurses.

    The training ended with a valedictory function and vote of thanks.  MOHAN Foundation thanks Dr Rajasekhar Perumalla for initiating this program in Kauvery Hospital, Tiruchirappally. 

    Source-Hemal Kanvinde
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