Awareness session on Organ Donation at Yerala Medical College of Physiotherapy, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai

Updated on Wednesday, October 17, 2018
  • On 16th October 2018, MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by Youth Red Cross and Indian red cross for conducting anawareness talk on organ donation at Yerala Medical College of physiotherapy, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

    Dr. Zubair Ahmed introduced MOHAN Foundation to the students of YMT college of physiotherapy and invited Mrs. Jigisha Yadavto share further details.

    Ms. Jigisha Yadav thereafter took the dais and explained that MOHAN Foundation is an acronym for “Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network”. She shared its missions and objectives and then asked the students what came to their minds when they thought of organ donation. Their responses were positive.

    Ms. Jigisha Yadav went on to share that many Indians are dying due to end stage organ failure and they could have been alive, if only they got the life-saving organ in time. The concept of organ donation, types of death, the organs and tissues that can be donated after cardiac death and after brain death, the concept of brain death(brain death video was shown), difference between brain death and coma were all discussed.

    Mr. Akash Salve spoke about the general myths that shroud people’s thoughts on the subject of organ donation. Alsomany beliefs and misconceptions were discussed. A short film on organ donation was also shown in the end.

    Around 100 students attended the session. A few queries were raised and they were satisfactorily answered by Mr. Akash Salve & Mrs. Jigisha Yadav

    We thank Mr. Bhavesh Sao & Mrs. Pinto of Youth Red Crossfor inviting us and we also wish to convey our gratitude to the Principal of Yerala Medical College of Physiotherapy and Dr. Zubair Ahmed for supporting the cause of Organ Donation.

    Source-Mr. Akash Salve
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