Awareness session for Police Personnel at Police Training Centre at Marol-Mumbai on Organ Donation and Role of Police

Updated on Monday, May 29, 2023
  • On 24th May 2023, MOHAN Foundation was invited by Police Training Centre at Marol, Mumbai to conduct an organ donation awareness workshop for in-service Police personnel from across Maharashtra.

     Around 140 police personnel (male and female) attended the workshop. Ms. Jaya Jairam began by sharing the story of a young 19-year-old boy who lost his life and saved 7 other lives when his parents consented to organ donation.

     She touched upon the basic concepts of organ donation, including –

    • Living and deceased donor,
    • Who can be a living donor?
    • Types of death, definition of each and what can be donated in each type,
    • Why consider organ donation?


    She then played a motivational video on organ donation, followed which she spoke about the ‘Role of Police’ in organ donation. She shared that statistically, road traffic accidents account for most brain deaths, and as such cases get classified as medico legal cases, involving inquest and post-mortem, the police become one of the key stakeholders in the process of deceased organ donation.

    She shared about the laws involved and went on the explain step-by-step process involved in Organ donation in Medico Legal cases. Through this, she highlighted the important role played by police personnel and how the success of organ donation programme depended on prior knowledge of police about organ donation. She explained how lack of awareness amongst police resulted in delays and confusion, which in turn caused further distress to the already grieving family members, who have agreed to donating the organs of their loved ones while putting their grief aside.

     The participants raised a few queries such as –

    1. Can a person who has recovered from COVID-19 donate their organs?
    2. Why is the role of police in organ donation not formally included in any of the Acts and rules of the Police?
    3. How does one take the Pledge if they wish to be an organ donor?

    Thereafter, Ms. Jaya encouraged them to support organ donation and take the pledge. She asked the interested individuals to scan the QR Code to access the online form and submit it to avail donor card.

    5 of the participants stepped forth and committed to pledge their organs. Their act of pledging support to organ donation was appreciated by the senior police personnel.

     MOHAN Foundation, Mumbai, is thankful to the Police Training Centre officials for the ongoing efforts to raise awareness.

    Source-Ms. Jaya Jairam
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