Angels of Change Volunteer Training for Nursing students of Faculty of Nursing, Sri Ramachandra Medical University and Research Institute, Chennai

Updated on Tuesday, March 6, 2018
  • In continuation of the morning seminar, selected students (41) from the faculty of Nursing and some staff nurses participated in the Angels of Change training on 1st March 2018. This was conducted in a lecture hall in the library of the Sri Ramachandra Medical University and Research Institute, Chennai by Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, Mr. Ruban Victor and Ms. Sukanya Ramar of MOHAN Foundation from noon to 4 pm.

    The training began with the distribution of the education kit and explanation of the workshop. The trainees were divided into 4 groups each with a leader.  They were asked to read the Stories of Hope and then were shown a short film on a recipient. All of them were asked to write a thank you letter to the donor family.  The best 4 letters were given a small gift.  A few staff who had experience in deceased donation spoke of their work.

    After this, individuals from each group were asked to come forward to participate in three training – Public speaking, conducting public survey and planning organ donation events.  Members from MOHAN Foundation guided the students and staff to complete the activity.  Those conducting the survey were asked to go in the campus and conduct their survey and draft their results. Those in the public speaking were asked to practice the sample presentation given in the education CD.  Since 4 students had brought their laptop computers, there was an ease in conducting this training. Senior staff also pitched in and improved the concepts of the juniors. The event planning team discussed and came up with a few awareness events in the campus. They came up with three suggestions – Health talks in their college, rally within their campus and a series of competitions on organ donation.  Mr. Ruban Victor conducted a practical workshop on social media as a toll for public awareness.

    All the teams practiced their presentations and were given tips in how to speak in public, importance of body language and depth of knowledge, understanding the audience etc.

    The training ended with feedback from the students and a group picture.

    Source-Hemal Kanvinde
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