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                                                     CHAPTER V 
                                      REGISTRATION OF HOSPITALS


  1. (1)The Appropriate Authority shall, after holding an inquiry and after satisfying itself that the applicant has complied with all the requirements of this Act and the rules made there under, grant to the hospital a certificate of registration in such form, for such  
    period an subject to such conditions as may be prescribed.

    (2) If, after the inquiry and after giving an opportunity to the applicant of being heard the Appropriate Authority is satisfied that the applicant has not  complied with the requirements of this Act and the 
    rules made there under, it shall, for reasons to recorded in writing, reject the application for registration.

    (3) Every certificate of registration shall be renewed in  such manner and on payment of such fees as may be prescribed.

  2. (1)The Appropriate Authority may suomoto or on complaint, issue a notice to any hospital to show  cause why its registration under this Act should not  be suspended or cancelled for the reasons mentioned 
    in the notice.

    (2) If after giving a reasonable opportunity of being heard to the hospital, the Appropriate Authority is satisfied that there has been a breach of any of the provisions of this Act or the rules made there under ,it may, without prejudice to any criminal action that it may take against such hospital, suspend its  registration for such period as it may think fit or  cancel its registration: Provided that where the Appropriate Authority is of the opinion that it is necessary or expedient so to do in the public interest, it may, for reasons to be 
    recorded in writing, suspend the registration of any hospital without issuing any notice.

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