Help Jaya Save Lives - Running to Spread Hope : Organ Donation

Help Jaya on her journey to spread the message of hope. She is on a mission to save lives. "I am blessed to be given the Gift of Life by my mother. I was given a second chance but so many others are not so lucky", says Jaya.

More than a Million Indians suffer from end stage organ failure (heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure etc.), but less than 10% of them are able to get timely help. She joined MOHAN (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network) Foundation, a 20 year old NGO that began advocating the difficult cause of organ donation at a time when no one in the country was talking about it and it was a taboo topic.

Support Jaya and her team in raising the awareness about Organ Donation, hiring and training specially trained counsellors who approach bereaved families about organ donation and thus Save many Lives.

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