Transplant Coordination Training Program in Hyderabad - Day V

March 12, 2010
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    Transplant Coordination training program conducted by MOHAN Foundation in Hyderabad went into its fifth day with Mr. Raghuram talking on the subject of Counseling aspects in Organ Donation. The 5th day started with Mr. Raghuram talking on the subject of Counseling aspects in Organ Donation.

    Who can be a good counselor, qualities of a good counselor, important pointers on what to stress while talking to the bereaved family and other aspects of counseling, were explained to the participants in simple and engaging words.

    This was followed by a short session taken by Ms Gayatri Srinivasan, MIS Manager of MOHAN Foundation on the MOHAN Foundation website. She spoke about the salient features of the website, and urged all participants to browse the website, which was an important storehouse of information on all topics related to Organ Donation.

    The next session was taken by Dr. Murthy, an expert on Heart Transplantation who explained in detail about Heart Transplantation, the risks, the procedures to be followed and most importantly how children benefited by the heart valves donated.

    This was followed by Dr. Manimala, Chief Intensivist of Yashodha Hospital, who described the CU environment and had a Question and Answer session with the nurses.

    The last session was taken by Dr. Pariplavi on Body Donation, how to pledge and the different procedures involved in body donation.


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