MOHAN Foundation's Golf Tournament Champions Organ Donation Awareness

September 11, 2023
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    • MOHAN Foundation's "Drive to Save Lives" golf tournament was held on September 9, 2023
    • It united distinguished figures like Director Mani Ratnam and cricketer Murali Vijay in support of organ donation and individuals with personal ties to organ transplantation, including heart and liver transplant recipients, as well as living kidney donors
    • With the backing of benevolent organizations and the participation of 72 dedicated golfers
    �Swinging for second chances with MOHAN Foundation�s �Drive to Save Lives� golf tournament�

    In a sweeping gesture that combined the elegance of golf with the essence of saving lives, the MOHAN Foundation orchestrated a remarkable event on September 9, 2023. The grounds of the Madras Gymkhana Club's Golf Annexe in Guindy played host to a tournament like no other, aptly named the "Drive to Save Lives."

    The event drew a distinguished crowd, including luminaries like Director Mani Ratnam and the illustrious Cricketer Murali Vijay, all converging to swing their clubs in support of a cause close to their hearts - organ donation.

    For over three decades, the MOHAN (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network) Foundation has stood as a beacon of hope, a pioneering NGO committed to championing deceased organ donation in India.

    It emerged at a time when the mere mention of organ donation was a hushed taboo, and the atmosphere was fraught with hostility. Established in 1997, MOHAN Foundation has since steadfastly pursued its mission: to grant every Indian grappling with end-stage organ failure the precious gift of renewed vitality through a life-saving organ transplant.

    Now, with renewed vigor, MOHAN Foundation has harnessed the power of golf to amplify their message of hope and healing.

    "Drive to Save Lives": A Triumph in Golf and Organ Donation Advocacy

    The tournament saw remarkable individuals, each bearing a profound connection to organ transplantation, step onto the green. Among them were Karun Nanda, the recipient of a life-altering heart transplant, Amit Prasada, whose life was rejuvenated with a liver transplant, and Anil Srivatsa, a living kidney donor who selflessly gave the gift of life. Also gracing the event were Jaya Jairam, a kidney recipient, and B Sudhakar, a dual lung transplant recipient, standing testament to the miracles that organ donation bestows.

    In a thrilling display of skill and heart, the team of two organ transplant recipients, Karun Nanda and Amit Prasad navigated the challenging 18 holes, earning the coveted title of first runners-up. Their triumph was a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the boundless potential unlocked by organ donation.

    The event was made possible through the generous support of NAC Jewellers, Gleneagles Global Health City, Kauvery Hospitals, TANKER Foundation, Dr.Mohan Rajan�s Eye clinic, and Rela Hospital as major sponsors, and other benevolent organizations. Their collective backing amplified the resonance of the "Drive to Save Lives," ensuring its message echoed far and wide.

    A Symphony of Support: 72 Golfers Unite for a Life-Saving Cause

    Seventy-two golfers took to the course, their swings resonating with purpose. Each stroke was a declaration of solidarity with MOHAN Foundation's tireless efforts and a pledge to amplify the discourse surrounding organ donation. The green expanse transformed into a tapestry of hope, where each divot dug represented a step towards a brighter, healthier future for those in need. Some of the slogans on the fairways combined the message of organ donation and golf in a very fitting manner and read as follows:
    • "Tee Off for a Second Chance at Life."
    • "From Tee to Green, Let's Save Lives In Between."
    • "Every Donation is a Hole-in-One for Someone Waiting."
    • "Eagle in Golf, Hero in Life: Be an Organ Donor."

    Murali Vijay: A Cricketing Icon Turns Advocate for Organ Donation

    Cricketer Murali Vijay, known for his prowess on the cricket field won the tournament with his partner. Before the start of the game he stepped onto a different stage, one that held the promise of saving countless lives. Posed at the selfie booth, he stood as a living testament to the power of advocacy, lending his formidable voice to the cause of organ donation.

    Murali unveiled the latest Volvo E vehicle along with Jaya Jairam, a kidney recipient from Mumbai whose mother donated the kidney. During the prize distribution function she said. �My mother gave me birth twice�.

    Karun Nanda: A Heartbeat of Gratitude and Advocacy

    Karun Nanda, recipient of a heart transplant, stood tall, not only as a golfer but as a living testament to the transformative power of organ donation. His presence was a living testament to the boundless possibilities that unfold when one heart beats on with newfound vitality.

    In the emerald embrace of the Madras Gymkhana Club's Golf Annexe, the "Drive to Save Lives" emerged as a testament to the strength of community, the tenacity of the human spirit, and the boundless potential for good that lies within each of us. As the tournament drew to a close, the reverberations of this extraordinary event lingered, carrying with them a message of hope, resilience, and the enduring power of organ donation.

    Anil Srivatsa a kidney donor to his brother from Bangalore also played the 18 holes. He donated his kidney to his brother who happens to be a neuro-surgeon. He won a golf bag during the lucky dip prize and decided to auction the bag to contribute to the cause. Anil drives around the world promoting organ donation.

    The Drive to Save Lives� event sent out the beautiful message of organ donation. "Donating organs is like giving the gift of life. When we share, we create a bridge of hope for those in need."


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