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  • Punyavathi   - 58 Years

    Punyavathi , True To Her Name - Saves Seven Lives

    Mrs. Punyavathi, a 58 year old Good Shepherd School teacher of Nandyal, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, was a very polite, healthy and kind hearted individual. She was the most affable of teachers in the school. She was so philanthropic that she donated her last month's entire salary for education of a poor student.

    Mrs. Punyavathi was suffering with brain related ill health from January 2011 and finally became very sick on 18th May, at which time she was admitted to a city hospital. As her condition was not improving, she was put on ventilator on 25th morning. She was declared brain dead¯ on the morning of 26th May.

    Mrs. Punyavathi's younger sister, Dr. Lakshmi knew about organ donation through local newspapers and immediately consulted other family members to see if there is a possibility of donating organs of their dear sister. All members of the family unanimously agreed to have her organs live on in another five people, and her eyes give the gift of sight to two. As Dr. Lakshmi was carrying an Organ Donor Card¯ from MOHAN Foundation, she swung into action and called MOHAN Foundation immediately.

    Mr. Raghuram, CEO of MOHAN Foundation met the family members and took their consent for donation. Mrs. Punyavathi's liver kidneys, heart valves and eyes were retrieved and distributed among city hospitals. This is the sixth organ donation this year, facilitated by MOHAN Foundation.

    Punyavathi, true to her name, has lived a pious life, demonstrated extreme generosity and philanthropy in life and death. May her soul rest in peace.

    Place : Andhra Pradesh

    Sister's Name         : Dr. Lakshmi


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