Donor Memorial

  • Ms. Janani Jambukesan   - 21 Years

    Janani Jambukesan was the first daughter to her parents, born in India in December 8, 1992. She was a true global citizen, later lived in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Mrs. Chitra and Mr. Jambukesan moved to the U.S. in 1998 with Janani who was 5 at the time and their new born son, Shravan. At age seven she was diagnosed with Brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation) and miraculously survived it with a surgery.

    Janani was doing her 3rd year in Business Management at University of Texas at Dallas. In the first year of her college, she made it to the Dean's list. Just the previous week of her fatal stroke, she met with the counselor and enrolled into a fast track program to get herself qualified for her MBA admission. She was extremely happy about it. She was an artist too. She has painted many oil and watercolor paintings, and their home is filled with them. When she went to college, she chose to stay at home. That added 3 more years of joy of being with her to her family. She is a very caring and gentle soul. She treated everyone with respect and compassion and never hurt anyone. She led very simple and contented life.

    Janani was a volunteer of Sastha Tamil Foundation (STF) during the STF's annual fundraiser, Valliyin Kaadhal, in October 2013. Just an under-grad, she was kind, patient and mature in dealing with the child artists of Valliyin Kaadhal, helping them with make-up.

    On November 13th, 2013 God wanted Janani to be with Him. Unfortunately, Janani could not survive the massive stroke this time. Janani's parents decided to donate her organs because only her brain was affected. According to the organ donations organization, 5 people live and have a better life because of her. The family has started a fund called Angel Janani Fund¯ with the help of Sastha Tamil Foundation, with an initial contribution of US $10,000 to help needy children in India receive medical treatment.

    Chitra says Janani persuaded us to get her a puppy, a havanese, and named her Sydney. Now we think that she grew the dog for one year and left her behind for us to take care and keep us busy¯. Chitra decided to donate Janani's organs when the family was counseled by the local organ procuring organization. We also know a family friend whose son is a recipient of liver and the joy it brought to the family. My own sister is awaiting kidney transplant¯ says Chitra.

    Mrs. Chitra and Mr. Jambukesan have kindly offered to support the activities of MOHAN Foundation in the United States. We are sure Janani's donation will inspire several more, and the work of this wonderful couple will touch the hearts of several millions more.

    MOHAN Foundation intends using the paintings of Janani for greeting cards. Janani, true to her name, has been a Mother in giving.

    Father's Name          :Mr. Jambukesan

    Mother's Name       : Mrs. Chitra


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