Donor Memorial

  • Mrs. Vijayalakshmi  R - 39 Years

    D.O.B : 1/16/1970 Date of Donation : 9/12/2009

    Gorgeous, Challenging, Adjustable, Generous, Noble Heart multi faced personality. Good Home Maker, Very Much affectionate to her hubby. Taken care of family members always.

    Met with an Road accident hit by tipper lorry, while having cool drinks after parking her scooty nearby. She was with her Sister-in-law at the time of accident took place at Madipakkam - Velacherry Road junction near MRTS Railway Bridge an 10.7.09 around 11.00AM.Her Sister-in-law died on the spot and Mrs. R. Vijayalakshmi went unconscious after hitting by the lorry. Both Scooty and Tipper Lorry toppled in nearby canal after hitting the Platform & Barrigade of the canal bridge. The lorry was pulledout with the help of crane. Scooty was completed damaged.

    At unconscious stage Mrs. R. Vijayalakshmi was taken to nearby Kamatchi Hospitals, taken scan which shows lots of grievous multiple head injuries. Then we took her to Appollo Speciality Hospital at Teynampet and she was admitted in critical care unit. There was no improvement on her since the accident and Doctors declared as Brain death on 12.9.09. Then I decided to donate her Organs for the survival of needy. Both Eyes, Kidneys, Blood Vessels, was harvested. No proper match found for taking heart beneficiaries living on her organs donated and I am living on her memories.

    Husband's Name    : Mr. V. Ramakrishnan