Patient Education Workshop for Dialysis Patients and Caregivers at Lancelot Medical Ctr Dialysis Unit, Mumbai

Updated on Friday, March 24, 2023
  • On 16th March 2023, a Patient Education Workshop for Dialysis Patients and Caregivers was organized with Nephroplus and with the guidance of Dr Khanna at Lancelot Medical Ctr Dialysis Unit, Mumbai. The workshop began with Dr. Nikita Pawar a Nephrologist at Lancelot, introducing Ms. Jaya Jairam MOHAN Foundation's Project Director/expert to speak about Kidney transplant options & process and Transplant coordinator Ms. Shamika Singh to the patients and caregivers. Ms. Jaya educated Dialysis patients and their caregivers about the various treatment options available to them. She also educated them about the options & process of registering for kidney transplantation. The session was then facilitated by interactions with a living kidney recipient Ms. Yashada Agharkar who had received a kidney 20 years ago and she is leading a normal life pursuing her profession as a classical dancer. This talk was organized so as to enable first-hand sharing of experiences and motivate the patients and their caregivers to consider a transplant.

    Around 50 patients, caregivers, doctors and hospital staff attended the workshop. The impact and importance of awareness could clearly be seen as the patients asked many questions during the workshop. Some of the patients were in their 30s and had been on dialysis since 10 years and had not even registered for a cadaveric transplant simply due to fear and misconceptions. Had they registered long back, they would have perhaps received a kidney and be out of dialysis by now. It was an immensely satisfying workshop to motivate them to consider Kidney Transplants.

    Source-Ms. Shamika Singh
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