Organ donation awareness session at Traffic Police Headquarters, Todapur, New Delhi

Updated on Saturday, June 1, 2024
  • On May 29, 2024, MOHAN Foundation (MF) conducted a session on organ donation as part of a one day “Refresher course training program” for Traffic Police personnels at the Traffic Police Headquarters in Todapur, New Delhi. Serving as the resource person was Ms. Simran Anand, accompanied by Ms. Sanya Santosh, Programme Officer at MF, Delhi NCR.

    Ms. Anand began the session by providing a brief introduction of MF to the attendees before testing their understanding about organ donation. She also went over defining key phrases of organ donation like transplantation, retrieval, recipient, and donor. One of the participants also shared about his life experience, in which his wife proved to be the ideal kidney donor for their son when the latter needed one.


    Then, using a PowerPoint presentation, Ms. Anand explained the state of organ donation in India and went over the basic ideas behind organ donation and transplantation. Following

    topics were described in details, including-


    • The meaning of organ donation and its societal necessity

    • Eligibility criteria for organ donors

    • Differentiating between living and deceased donors

    • Possibilities for organ donation both during and after life

    • Explanation of brain death

    • Eye donation and the procedures required to preserve corneas after death

    • A summary of the Human Organ Transplantation Act of 1994, including an explanation of the mandatory required request clause

    • Role of MOHAN Foundation

    • Dispelling myths and provided facts regarding organ donation

    • Distinguishing between brain death and coma


    Another participant expressed the opinion that when a brain dead person's family agrees for organ donation, his/her bill should be waived off. She also described about the pledging of organs and importance of the consent of the family.


    Participants actively engaged in discussions and posed several questions, such as inquiries regarding heart transplant, timeframe for organ transplantation.


    Close to 70 participants attended the session.


    Source-Ms. Sanya Santosh
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