Ms. Pallavi Kumar summits Everest Base Camp as a tribute to Organ Donors and their families

Updated on Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • Ms. Pallavi Kumar, (Executive Director –NCR) undertook a very unique and challenging journey last month to pay the highest tribute to organ donors and their families.


    On May 4, 2018, she summited the Everest Base Camp reaching an altitude of 5380 meters (17600 feet above sea level) and unfurled a flag expressing her respect and thankfulness to the many organ donors and their families.


    The trek involved walking 130 kms over 12 days (walking an average of 10 kms every day, some days up to 18 kms). On the day of the summit, it was snowing and temperatures dipped considerably, dropping to -17 degrees. With numb hands & feet and braving icy winds, Pallavi reached the Everest Base Camp and tied the flag sending out a strong message for the need for organ donation.


    “The trek involved dealing with cold, exhaustion and high altitude acclimatization. On some days, the oxygen levels were so low that every step fatigued you. It was so tough at times that I questioned my sanity, as to why did I ever decide to do it. But what kept me going was my strong need to reach the top and the inspiration I took from families who have made this tough choice in their hour of grief and loss” says Pallavi


    She adds, “The scenery was so breathtakingly stunning and unlike any. We started with lush green fields, dense forests and glistening blue rivers and went to barren but visually striking land and glacial pools. We climbed in thin icy air, we climbed in the bone chilling rain, we walked through the falling snow and we literally walked in the clouds on the mountains. It was pristine nature, in its purest form; alluring and mesmerizing.”

    Source-Ms. Pallavi Kumar
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