Jyotirmai lights other lives

Updated on Thursday, July 1, 2010
  • Jyotirmai is the only daughter of Lakshmipathi and Umadevi, who live in Indira Nagar, near Jubilee Hills.  Lakshmipathi is an artist, and has his own business.  After five years of marriage, they were blessed with a girl child who they fondly named, Jyotirmai. 


    On the evening of 26th June, Jyotirmai was playing in front of the shop while Umadevi was busy working.  Umadevi suddenly realized that Jyotirmai was missing.  When they searched for her everywhere, they did not find her.  Finally, when they went to their neighbour’s house that had an underground water tank, they found bubbles coming up.   Realising that the baby had fallen inside the tank, the parents swung into action and pulled the baby out of water, and rushed her to Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, where they were advised that there is not much chance of survival.  From there, they rushed to Lotus Hospital, where she was ventilated for two days.  Finally, Dr. Prasad, Chief Peditrician of Lotus Hospital advised the parents that the child is “brain dead” and gave an option of donating her organs so that they could save others’ lives.  Despite being immersed in deep shock and grief, Lakshmipathi and Umadevi did the unthinkable – consent to organ donation.      


    Jyotirmai, all of 2 years, has done something that nobody could ever think of doing.  Her two kidneys and eyes were donated at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences and saved three people.  Both of her kidneys were used for a patient (enblock) who was living with the support of dialysis, and both eyes used for transplant at L.V. Prasad Eye Institute. 


    This is the fifth organ donation in June 2010, at Hyderabad, and becomes the 92nd organ donation facilitated by MOHAN Foundation.  So far, MOHAN Foundation has acted as a catalyst in retrieving 170 kidneys, 64 livers, 32 heart valves, 8 hearts, 224 eyes and 1 pancreas.

    Source-K. Raghuram
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