Awareness Session on Organ Donation at Shaheed Kanshi Ram College of Physical Education, Kharar, Punjab

Updated on Thursday, February 27, 2020
  • On 25th February 2020, MOHAN Foundation was invited by the Dr. Kulwinder Singh, NSS Program Officer to conduct an awareness talk on organ donation for their Physical Education B.P.E.D Students at Shaheed Kanshi Ram College of Physical Education, Kharar, Punjab. Around 70 Students and participated in the program.

    Firstly, Ms. Neha Sharma introduced herself to the students and started asking students that which organs can be donated while living? Most of the students were aware about kidney.

    Participants were given an introduction and presentation on organ donation and brain death by Ms. Neha Sharma.

    In this talk she explained the following points: -

    • Organ donation types and who can be a donor
    • The status of Organ Donation in India and their requirements vs donation rates
    • She challenged 5 myths with 5 facts on Organ Donation
    • Difference between natural death and brain death
    • Age is not a constraint in donating their organs.
    • Real life stories of an organ transplant being shared with the participants
    • Importance of the Donor card
    • To pledge their organs they can register at MOHAN Foundation
    • MOHAN Foundation’s mission & vision

    The entire group got motivated and convinced to support organ donation. The awareness talk ended with a vote of thanks by the NSS Program Officer. He encouraged the students to aware the society about organ donation and also how transplant can change lives are extremely powerful. He ended up saying donate organs is a generous and a worthwhile decision that can save lives.

    Source-Ms. Neha Sharma
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