A Mother's gift on Mother's Day

Updated on Saturday, May 8, 2010
  • Mrs. Pasunuri  Indira Reddy, a 53 year old lady, was going to offer prayers at the Sai Baba Temple near L.B. Nagar early morning of Thursday, 6th May 2010.  She was going on a two wheeler with her relative.  When the two wheeler hit a small ditch, she fell down and received severe internal head injury.  She was immediately rushed to Kamineni Hospital, where the doctors tried their best to save her.  On the morning of 7th May, the doctors notified to the family members that there is nothing that they can do, as she was “brain dead”. 

    Mrs. Indira Reddy’s sister in law, Mrs. Ajaykumari Reddy fondly remembers her as an extremely straight forward, hardworking person with high ideals. After Mrs. Indira Reddy’s husband passed away 15 years ago, she worked in a private firm and worked very hard to give good education to her two sons.  When Mrs. Indira Reddy was declared brain dead, they were approached by MOHAN Foundation, CEO, Mr. Raghuram.  Mr. Raghuram briefed the entire family of the opportunity available to family members to have Mrs. Indira Reddy live on in seven other people who are fighting life.  As the members of family had an idea about what organ donation is, and the work of MOHAN Foundation, they readily agreed to donate organs.  In the words of Mrs. Ajaikumari Reddy, “my sister in law is like my sister, and I am glad we will be able to see her in seven people.  After all, what is the point in burning her body with organs.  We decided to set an example to the society through this donation, as my sister in law has always been an example of true benevolence”.

    Mrs. Indira Reddy’s liver, heart valves, kidneys and eyes were retrieved early today (8th May 2010) and distributed among city hospitals.    Isn't this a big gift from a mother on the eve of Mother’s Day?

    Long live the selfless mothers.

    Source-K. Raghuram


Posted By : sandeep srivastava, on Sunday, May 9, 2010
i don't find words to comment,its the biggest gift one can give......
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