National Organ Donation Toll Free Help Line
1800 103 7100

(This initiative is supported by SBI Foundation)

National Organ Donation Toll Free Help Line - 1800 103 7100 has been initiated by MOHAN Foundation and is functioning for the past five years. The objective of this helpline is to provide service which offers information, support, guidance and referral for all those concerned with any aspect of organ donation and transplantation.

We have been able to provide this service to the public in eight languages. • English   • Hindi   • Telugu   • Tamil   • Kannada   • Malayalam   • Marathi   • Oriya

On an average we answer about 1000 calls a month. Share our National Organ Donation Toll Free Helpline 18001037100 with your family, friends, colleagues, employees such that it reaches to the needy patients and they can contact us for more information.

Nearly 50% calls received by the helpline are in Hindi and Marathi language. 25% callers speak in English. The helpline gets more than 70% of calls during office hours. A snapshot of the call distribution is given below.

Language based distribution of calls  (in %) for  Jan - April 2016

Language based distribution of calls  (in %) for  May - August 2016

Language based distribution of calls  (in %) for September - December 2016

Language based distribution of calls  (in %) for  January - March 2017

Language based distribution of calls  (in %) for  April - June 2017

Few impactful events
Our tele-counsellor Ms Kavitha reports:

“My brother expired today at 08.35 am, I would like to donate his Kidneys and Corneas”

On 11th March 2016, I got this call on the helpline from Ms. Rupini, an employee of RR Donnelly. I got the basic information about the tragic event and explained that kidneys can’t be donated in case of cardiac death and immediately coordinated with Egmore eye bank, Chennai with the help of Ms. Sunitha, Transplant Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation, Chennai. Mr. Sukumaran, 31yrs donated his corneas and gave sight to 2 people.

Incidentally the previous year in October, MOHAN Foundation had conducted an employment awareness drive at Rupini’s office and asked everyone to note down the helpline number.


A Campaign by NDTV in Feb 2017

One organ donor can save up to 8 lives. Join the Pledge Your Heart campaign, which is an initiative in support of organ donation, urging people to take the pledge to donate their hearts this Valentine’s Day. Make this February 14 special, pledge to be a Valentine for a cause and to donate your heart. your heart. This link was directed to the MOHAN Foundation website where the pledge was registered. The role of NDTV was that of a facilitator between the intending donors and MOHAN Foundation, and NDTV is promoting the MOHAN Foundation initiative on a best efforts basis and in good faith. All queries on organ donation were addressed at toll free number of MOHAN Foundation - 1800 103 71100.

The number of calls to the helpline during the campaign are given below.

Recent impactful event 1:

At about 3 pm on 20th of May 2017, Amit Shenoy, our counselor in Mumbai receives a call on the helpline “Can you explain what is brain death?” During the counseling he realized that this is a family member of a suspected brain death case in a private hospital in Mumbai. The next question is “I hope the donated organs are not sold.” Amit gave all the information and collected the details of the patient and the caller.

Next, he got in touch with the State Government authority – ZTCC in Mumbai and also the transplant coordinator of the hospital. He confirmed that there is a brain death case. The family gave their consent to the donation and a young 19 year old lad gave life to 4 patients and sight to two.

The clear explanation of brain death and the processes involved in organ donation gave the family confidence that organ donation and allocation is done ethically and they agreed to the donation.

MOHAN Foundation salutes the family for their decision to help save lives of end stage organ failure patients.

Click here to view The Times Of India Article

Recent impactful event 2:

On 8th July 2017, Ruban Victor, counsellor for MOHAN Foundation’s helpline received a call for information on eye donation. A young man Abhilash, wanted to donate the corneas of his grandmother who had passed away at 1pm.

He was send an sms with details of eye bank and also precautions prior to donation. The eye bank was contacted and given details of the patient and contact details of the Abhilash. Eye donation was done successfully via the helpline. MOHAN Foundation thanks the donor family for their gift of sight.

Recent impactful event 3:

On August 02, 2017 Dr. Koti Reddy received a call on our Toll Free National Organ Donation Helpline at 22:20 hrs from Mr. Siva Kumar Devara. The caller said that his grandfather had passed away just an hour ago and their family was talking of eye donation. The family was counseled over the phone and was given information on the Dos and Dont's before eye donation.

Dr. Koti Reddy then contacted Mr. Arvind of Vasan Eye Bank and informed the address of the donor in Hyderabad. At 24:31 hrs, the eye bank confirmed successful retrieval of corneas.

With this act, Mr. Siva Kumar Devara’s grandfather gave sight to two people.

Recent impactful event 4:

Eye donation by 93 years old lady in Nagpur helps give vision to two. Family awareness helps timely donation

On 17th Sept 2017 early in the morning kavitha in Trivandrum picked a helpline call for a possible donation be done in Nagpur. The family was given the contact numbers of our staff in Nagpur. Umesh her grandson called Dr. Ravi Wankhede Head of MOHAN Foundation Nagpur Centre to organize eye donation.

Mrs. Shalini Gangadharao Ghulghule aged 93 years old lady died on 17th September 2017 due to old age. The whole family had earlier pledged eye donation. On receiving the intimation, Dr. Wankhede informed Madhav Netra Pedhi (Eye Bank) who promptly went to their residence and retrieved the eyes.

Umesh runs a Wellness Centre where about 50 people attend daily. With the donation he came to know about the work of MOHAN Foundation and has asked us to talk to them about organ donation to all the batches.

Recent impactful event 5:

Organ Donation thru MF Toll Free Helpline – 19th September 2017

On 19th September 2017 around 5.50pm, a call was received by Amit A Shenoy, one of our counsellors from Mumbai for an organ donation of an 11 year old girl Tejashree Shelke who was declared brain dead due to cerebral infarct.

Patient’s relative Mr. Shivaji Shelke called up on the MF Toll Free Helpline from Nashik confirming that the patient has been admitted after injury to a private hospital where after declared brain dead was transferred to Rishikesh Hospital on 18th September 2017 for organ retrieval.

Amit informed Ms. Aarti Gokhale of ZTCC Pune regarding the same and she told us that the process for organ donation has already started at Nashik.

Two green corridors were created by Nashik Police. The heart was sent to Fortis Hospital in Mumbai by road. Similarly, the liver was sent by road to Pune's KEM Hospital and one of the kidneys was sent to Ashwini Sahakar Rugnalaya in Solapur.

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Recent impactful event 6:

A 65 year old lady in Chennai gives vision to two

On 23rd September 2017, 11:30 AM MOHAN Foundation counselor Mr. Siva Shankar from Chennai answered a call on helpline. The caller Mrs. Akash Jain wanted to understand the process of eye donation. On speaking further Siva Shankar understood that his aunt, Indira Bai W/O of Shantilalji Rikabdasji had died of a heart attack. Immediately Mr. Siva Shankar asked his phone number to confirm whether the information is true. When called back it was confirmed that death has happened.

Mr. Ashok Jain was provided with the number of Sankara Nethralaya C U Shah eye bank, and the counselor coordinated with the eye bank to see that the donation was done smoothly and successfully. Mr. Jain thanked MOHAN foundation counselor for the immediate help at the right time.

Recent impactful event 7:

Family from Mumbai called on the helpline on 25th Sept 2017 to inform that their 82 year old relative had passed away and they wished to donate eyes and skin. The cause of death was ascertained and DC copy was obtained which indicated "Urosepsis with acute kidney injury".

Multiple Eye bank teams were contacted by our counselor Jaya Jairam but they all perceived contraindication in this case and hence eye donation could not happen. National Burns Centre's Skin bank team consulted their doctors and decided to go ahead. Skin was successfully donated and the donor's family was extremely grateful as it was the wish of the donor to donate whatever possible after death. The entire family was very interested to sign up for donor cards and have invited me subsequently.

Recent impactful event 8:

22nd October 2017– Mr. Ruban received a call at 2.45am about a possible cornea donation. Mr. Karthik called to say that his father had passed away in Ooty and they were interested to know if eye donation is possible. Cornea donation was coordinated successfully by Mr Ruban. The son was very motivated and asked MOHAN Foundation to conduct a talk on organ donation at the memorial service for his family and friends.

Recent impactful event 9:

1st November 2017– Dr. Hemal received from an advocate in Mumbai stating that his friend’s family in Parbhani were interested organ donation. The family was very motivated and also spoke of a donation in Latur as an example of previous donation from a tier III city. Message was sent to Pune ZTCC and Aurangabad ZTCC. They called and were told that the patient was shifted by the family to their residence. Though donation did not happen, it shows that the concept has reached to smaller towns.

Recent impactful event 10:

3rd November 2017- Around midnight we received a call on the helpline from a family wishing to do a whole body donation from Himmatnagar, Gujarat. Dr. Hemal counseled them about the process and send messages about the contact persons in Anatomy Department of GMERS Medical College, Hadiyol. The family did cornea donation with the Redcross Eye bank. Voluntary body donation did not happen.

Recent impactful event 11:

6th November 2017– Early hours of the morning Hemal received a call in the helpline from Vaibhav Sharma that his brother met with an accident and did not survive. The body was in the mortuary of SMS hospital in Jaipur and whether eye donation can be done at this stage. Hemal send message to Jaipur team and Mr. Roshan Bahadur of MFJCF coordinated the cornea retrieval.