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Transplantation Coordinator Training in Hyderabad - Day I

March 3, 2010
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    Transplant Coordination Training program started with real life kidney and liver recipient patients sharing their experiences with the group. The moving talks encouraged the audience and set the mood for the course in the week ahead.

    Mr. Raghuram of MOHAN foundation spoke to the group about the organ donation program what it was, how it has evolved in India and abroad. The group learnt about the history of medical science all over the world and how mankind had continually tried various means even with limited knowledge to help each other, to ease the pain more often than not failing but the doctors never letting go of their experiments none the less.

    The first day also saw the screening of 2 or 3 short movies about real life Donor families and patients who received organs. One short film featured the moving story of an 18 month old whose parents chose to donate the organs even when gripped with so much pain. The participants got a chance to see patients who had received transplants their eyes brimming with gratitude and love for life.

    Dr. Sethu Babu who conducted the afternoon session had the trainees laughing spontaneously every now and then with his humorous anecdotes. It lightened the mood and helped the group settle down into the serious topic of organ donation. Dr Sethu Babu went over the anatomy of the human body and explained how the various systems in the body made a cohesive whole, that made people living as healthy human beings.

    By the end of the first day the trainees had a good introduction to Organ Donation and were ready and waiting to get into the second level of sessions on Day II.


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