AIR Talk on Organ Donation and its various aspects by Mrs. Taru Saxena

MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum with the support of SBI, organized an AIR program on 100.3  FM featuring Mrs. Taru Saxena,  member MFJCF on May 4, 2024.


Emphasizing the importance of donation in every religion, Mrs. Taru Saxena emphasized specifically on Cadaver Organ Donation.


During the talk, Mrs. Taru Saxena specified that people should take the initiative to donate organs so that those who are waiting for organ transplant should not die. He mentioned, in what situation and in what way the cadaver organ donation takes place.


In her talk, she detailed how our MFJCF team went to various villages / gram panchayats and spread awareness of organ donation, because maximum cadaver donations come through rural areas.


She described about MFJCF, that how we create awareness among the people and let people pledge to be organ donor. Regarding our 24X7 toll free number 1800-103-7100, she mentioned that anyone can get information by calling this number. She imparted her knowledge on need of cadaver organ donation, social impact and requirement of revolutionary changes increase the number of cadaver organ donation.


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