Awareness Talk on Organ Donation at St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School, Mapusa, Goa

On April 13, 2024, Mr. Gabriel of the MOHAN Foundation conducted an organ donation awareness session for the students of St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School in Mapusa, Goa.


Gabriel initiated the presentation by introducing himself and providing an overview of the MOHAN Foundation. He shared his personal motivations for joining the Foundation and advocating for the cause. He explained that MOHAN is an acronym for Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network and operates out of Chennai, with his base being in Mapusa, North Goa.


He delineated the two main categories of organ donation: living and deceased, along with the organs eligible for donation from both living and brain-dead individuals. Gabriel engaged the audience by prompting them to identify the authorized institutions in Goa for organ retrieval and transplantation, providing the relevant hospital names in response. Additionally, he highlighted the two hospitals in Goa authorized to conduct corneal transplants.


Gabriel elaborated on the importance of organ donation, the variety of organs suitable for donation, and the concept of brain stem death. Utilizing a PowerPoint presentation, he elucidated these topics for the audience.


Furthermore, he outlined the various options available for organ donation pledges. He introduced the QR code and Form 2 of the driving license, explaining that checking the box indicates the holder's intention to donate organs. Stressing the significance of informing one's family or next-of-kin about this decision, Gabriel emphasized that in India, an opt-in policy is followed, necessitating family consent for organ donation to proceed.


He encouraged students to educate their parents and family members about organ donation, providing them with "GIFT OF LIFE" flyers to reinforce their learning from the session. Approximately 250 frequently asked flyers were distributed.


Concluding the session, Gabriel advised students to ensure their parents and family members prioritize safety by wearing helmets while riding motorcycles and seat belts while driving.


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