Organ Donation Awareness Session at Traffic Police Headquarters, Todapur, New Delhi

On April 18, 2024, MOHAN Foundation (MF) conducted a session on organ donation as part of a one-week induction training program for Constables to Sub-Inspectors at the Traffic Police Headquarters in Todapur, New Delhi. Serving as the resource person was Ms. Simran Anand, accompanied by Ms. Sanya Santosh, Programme Officer at MF, Delhi NCR.


Ms. Anand initiated the session by introducing MF to the participants and inquiring whether they were aware that driving licenses offer an option for individuals to indicate their willingness to be organ donors. One participant showcased his driving license, indicating his choice to opt-in for organ donation.


Following this, Ms. Anand elucidated the current status of organ donation in India and delved into the fundamental concepts of organ donation and transplantation using a PowerPoint presentation. The session covered various topics in detail, including:


• Definition and societal need for organ donation

• Eligibility criteria for organ donors

• Distinction between live and deceased donors

• Opportunities for organ donation during life and after death

• Explanation of brain death

• Eye donation and the necessary steps to preserve corneas post-mortem

• Overview of the Human Organ Transplantation Act of 1994

• MOHAN Foundation's role in organ donation facilitation

• Individual contributions to advancing this noble cause

• Debunking myths and presenting facts about organ donation

• Differentiating between coma and brain death


Participants actively engaged in discussions and posed several questions, such as inquiries regarding the preservation of organs during green corridors, distinctions between brain death and coma, and the timeframe for organ transplantation.


The session attracted nearly 70 participants, reflecting a significant interest in the subject matter.




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