Organ Donation Information Desk at the Blood Donation Camp, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand

On April 7, 2024, MOHAN Foundation was invited by Vimla Kundan Sewagram Trust, Kotdwar, to set up an information desk promoting organ donation at the blood donation camp held in Bal Bharti Public School, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. The invitation had been extended by Mr. Giriraj Singh Rawat, President of Vimla Kundan Sewagram Trust, Kotdwar.


Mr. Rawat, a retired Indian Air Force personnel, had 10 family members who had pledged for organ donation at ORBO, AIIMS Delhi. The initiative had its roots in a tragic event when a 37-year-old family member, passed away due to brain hemorrhage in the year 2013. Following her demise, the family voluntarily donated her organs to ORBO and was honoured by the Director of ORBO, AIIMS Delhi. Recently, Mr. Rawat's son had also passed away, and the family had donated his corneas to a government hospital in Kotdwar.


The program included a voluntary blood donation camp and raising awareness about organ donation.


Mr. Sanchit Arora, Project Leader-MF, stationed at AIIMS Rishikesh, had set up an information desk where NCC cadets, school students, blood camp volunteers, and those who came for blood donation visited and raised numerous queries:


• What is organ donation?

• Who can be an organ donor?

• What is brain death?

• What are corneas?

• Is there any facility for liver or kidney transplantation in Kotdwar?

• How to reach the hospital team if someone passes away at home?

• What is the time duration for organ and tissue donation?

• What is the use of an organ donor card?

• If I pledge for organ donation, are there any benefits for me or my family in the future?

• How do I pledge for organ donation?

• Is it possible to fill out the form online, and what are the steps?

• What is the role of MOHAN Foundation? Do they provide organs as well?

• Is there any office for MOHAN Foundation in Uttarakhand?

• Is it possible to donate my organs after my death to only a particular religion?


All queries were addressed at the desk, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on organ donation were distributed. Later, the organizing committee set up a pledge registration desk to facilitate visitors who wished to pledge for organ donation instantly.


Close to 45 participants had visited the information desk, with up to 30 pledging to donate organs, many of whom were inspired by Mr. Giriraj Singh Rawat.



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