Awareness Talk on Organ Donation at St. Francis Xavier High School, Peddem, Mapusa, Goa

On February 22, 2024, Mr. Gabriel from the MOHAN Foundation spoke on organ donation at the school assembly of St. Francis Xavier High School, Peddem, Mapusa, Goa.


Mr. Gabriel introduced the MOHAN Foundation and its 26 years of enthralling work. He also shared with the audience his personal experience where his sister-in-law had to undergo a kidney transplant and how he got motivated to take the MOHAN Foundation’s Organ Donation Ambassador course so that he could encourage people to take up this cause. Since then, he has made it his mission to spread the word about organ donation so that no one dies for lack of an organ.


He described the importance of organ donation, the various organs that can be donated, the organs that can be donated by both living and brain-dead individuals, and the definition of brain stem death. All these topics were presented via PowerPoint to the students.


Mr. Gabriel questioned the pupils about the number of transplant centres in Goa. He then shared that in Goa, there are just three hospitals that exclusively perform kidney transplants and two hospitals for corneal transplants.


He also gave out flyers about the Foundation to the students and teachers. There were around 250 students.


Mr. Gabriel thanked the headmistress, Sr. Sucorina, the teachers, and the students for giving the MOHAN Foundation an opportunity to conduct the awareness talk.



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