Organ Donation Information Desk at Blood Donation Camp, Guirim, Goa

On February 3, 2024, Mr. Gabriel Pereira, Organ Donation Ambassador, MOHAN Foundation, set up an Organ Donation Information Desk at the blood donation camp organised by St. Anthony High School (Monte de Guirim) and Caring Souls in collaboration with Goa Medical College, Blood Bank, Bambolim.


Mr. Claudio Pacheco, prop. of Martins Siesta (The Boutique Hotel) and Habitat—Your Home's Inner Beauty, supported the camp.


The blood donation camp was conducted in the school's computer lab, where students were informed beforehand to inform their parents to attend. Approximately 87 individuals attended the camp; 70 were eligible to donate, and 17 were rejected.


Mr. Gabriel put up two videos on the screen: What is brain death? There was also a brief animated presentation about organ donation by Shweta Gupta. He handed out approximately 100 FAQs and talked to individuals about organ donation and why we needed to come forward and pledge.


Six individuals committed to organ donation by pledging their organs upon death.


Mr. Gabriel thanked Fr. Milchester, the Headmaster, and Fr. Seville Antao, the Manager of the School, Mr. Ranjit Rodrigues, and Mr. Mark D'Souza, with the entire team Caring Souls, for inviting MOHAN Foundation to set up the organ donation information desk.



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