Webinar cum Interactive session, “Meet the Warriors – Dr. Subha Murthy and Prasanna'' conducted by TRIOMPH in collaboration with Chhaya Kidney Care and Relief Foundation

On 13th January 2024, an interactive session, “Meet the Warriors – Dr. Subha Murthy and Prasanna was conducted by TRIOMPH- a patient support group launched by MOHAN FOUNDATION in collaboration with CHHAYA Kidney Care and Relief Foundation. They have completed more than 20 years of their transplant. 


Jaya Jairam (Project Director) moderated this entire session. She welcomed the audience while introducing the key speaker and also gave a brief introduction to TRIOMPH. TRIOMPH is an acronym for Transplant Recipients of India and Organ Failure Patients – a Movement to Provide Hope. TRIOMPH's main objectives are Education, Support, and Advocacy for its Patient Community and Caregivers. Mr. Kishor Suryavanshi, founder of CHHAYA Kidney Care and Relief Foundation introduced the speakers and moderated the session.


Dr. Subha got her kidney transplant done in October 2003. She made an active decision for a transplant and got her pre-emptive transplant done (without starting dialysis). She shared her apprehensions about getting a transplant at that time when it was not that popular and she also shared her fear of dying post transplant. Her doctor encouraged her by sharing, “Reasons for death are many and uncertain to everyone.” Mr. Prasanna developed Malaria in 1990 and faced a lot of complications for 8 years. Later, it was diagnosed as a kidney failure. He got haemodialysis as well as peritoneal dialysis and he got his cadaveric transplant done in the year 1998. Mr. Prasanna has successfully managed his life with a cadaveric transplant for 26 years.


Further, we discussed the role of the patient support group. Dr. Subha exclaimed, that during the initial years of her transplant, she struggled a lot with what to eat and what not to eat. She had a lot of doubts and no one to ask but she shared that this barrier has been removed by these groups. How everyone is working for a common goal and shared responsibility to help each other and solve other people’s queries in no time. 

A lot of questions were asked by the attendees-

  1. How do you manage diet and fitness as after many years of transplant, life becomes stagnant and we tend to forget to follow diet and fitness? How to manage work-life balance?
  2. Any cognitive changes like forgetfulness faced due to medicines?
  3. Any changes in sleeping patterns are observed?


Some of the important takeaway messages included -

  1. Do not be complacent after 2 years of the transplant
  2. Keep in touch with your nephrologist 
  3. Rejection is silent so be cautious and get regular lab tests
  4. Strictly adhering to medications throughout your life
  5. Eat in moderation, eat-simple food, home food and balanced diet


This session was conducted on Zoom and also broadcast live on the Facebook and YouTube channels of the MOHAN Foundation. There were around 37 participants on Zoom and YouTube had 5 participants. The YouTube video has around 206 views as of the date of this report. 


MOHAN Foundation thanks the SBI Foundation for supporting this initiative. Appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Subha Murthy and Mr. Prasanna for sharing their inspiring story. We also thank Mr. Kishor Suryavanshi and his foundation Chhaya Kidney Care and Relief Foundation for their support.


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