Workshop for ICU Professionals at Sankalpa Super Speciality Hospitals, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

A workshop on organ donation for ICU professionals was jointly conducted by Sankalpa Super Speciality Hospital, Tirupati and MOHAN Foundation on January 21, 2024. This first of its kind initiative in Tirupati was supported by the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (Tirupati) and Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (Tirupati). 

The workshop aimed to raise awareness among ICU doctors and nurses about identifying potential organ donors, certifying brain stem death, understanding the legal framework to facilitate deceased donation, and approaching families for organ donation.

The programme included the following sessions by eminent speakers and experts from the field:

Dr. K Sandeep Kumar, Senior Consultant, Kanchi Kamakoti, CHILDS Trust Hospital, Chennai- discussed in detail, the procedure for brain death identification and certification and highlighted the need for workshops for identification of potential brain death patients. An educative video on ‘Certifying Brainstem Death’ was played during the session. An activity “Dead Not Dead” quiz was conducted for a greater understanding on the concepts of brain death.

Following that was a session on ‘Breaking bad news and approaching families for organ donation’  by Ms. Sujatha Suriyamoorthi, Associate Director - Courses, MOHAN Foundation. She briefed about the elements of breaking bad news and importance of dealing the families with sensitivity. The process of counselling the grieving families, getting consent  for organ donation, assisting the families during the donation process were also discussed in her session.A session on ‘Legal framework for brain stem death and organ donation in India’ was addressed by Dr. Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee, MOHAN Foundation. The session included legal provisions for organ donation after brainstem death, guidelines described in the law and rules.  

Dr. Nageshwar Bandla, Chairman, Sankalpa Super Speciality Hospitals discussed the elements of maintaining a potential organ donor in the ICU. His session was followed by an activity ‘Role allocation’. The aim of the exercise was to help the participants understand the importance of role allocation in the ICU among the ICU doctor, nurse and transplant coordinator.  

Dr. Bhanu Chandra, Senior Transplant Coordinator and Operations Manager, MOHAN Foundation addressed the participants on the process of deceased organ donation along with medico-legal procedures. The workshop was concluded with the vote of thanks and the speakers were felicitated for their unwavering support. The workshop drew 40 participants from various hospitals across Tirupati.



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