Ambassador speaks at IIIT, Nagpur on the occasion of 13th National Organ Donation Day, 2023

With the aim to create awareness about organ donation, dispel myths and misconceptions associated with organ donation and motivate and encourage its students, staff and faculty to donate organs after death, as well as to imbibe the value of organ donation in their lives, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur (IIITN) celebrated the Indian Organ Donation Day 2023  on August 3, 2023 by organizing lectures-cum-presentations on the subject of Organ Donation & Transplantation.  The IIITN is an “Institution of National Importance” under the provisions of the Indian Institute of Information Technology (Public-Private Partnership) Act, 2017.


Mr. Devang Chhaya, Life Member & Ambassador, MOHAN Foundation and Dr. Tapan Badhole, Intensivist, Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur were invited as the keynote speakers. The program was coordinated and facilitated by Ms. Veena Wathore, a respected senior social worker and researcher in the field of Organ Donation and Transplantation at Nagpur. The event was attended by about 200 students, staff and faculty of the IIITN.


In his talk-cum-presentation titled ‘Gift Of Life’, at the outset, Devang highlighted the importance and the intent behind Government of India’s Angdaan Mahotsav campaign.  His presentation, inter-alia, covered the following salient aspects:

  • What is Organ Donation? Difference between Organ and Body Donation
  • The main aims and objectives of Transplantation of Human Organs & Tissues Act, 1994
  • The various Organs and Tissues that can be donated by live donors, circulatory death donors and brain stem death donors.
  • Provision of swap donation between two families
  • How deceased organ donation can save multiple lives
  • Current state of organ donation in India and the wide gap in demand and availability of donated organs 
  • The imperativeness of increasing cadaver organ donation
  • Time factor in ensuring successful organ donation and transplantation;
  • Process and purpose of pledging organs and tissues.
  • Activities and Courses conducted by MOHAN Foundation
  • Facts behind Myths & Superstitions surrounding Organ Donation
  • Union Government’s recent efforts in boosting Organ Donation
  • Challenges before us in motivating and encouraging Organ Donation


This was followed by an enlightening exposition on Brain Stem Death by Dr. Tapan Badhole who extensively covered the subject by explaining the role and functions of Brain Stem, concept of Brain Stem Death (BSD), Process of certification of BSD, difference between coma and BSD. He drew parallels with a recent case of deceased donation at Nagpur that was in the news thus providing a human touch to a masterclass in biology.


Ms. Veena Wathode complemented both speakers by filling in details about the process of organ donation after certification of brain death, role of transplant coordinator, role of ZTCC, Green corridor, logistics as well as various schemes available to common man to bear the burden of organ transplantation.


At the end, all three speakers jointly answered all queries and clarified all doubts and misconceptions that had remained in the minds of the participants. At the end of the event, all the participants took the Organ Donation Pledge.


We are grateful to the Director and Management of IIIT-N for organizing this event to impart humanitarian and altruistic values amongst the future generation of our country.


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