Organ Donation Awareness Talk at NAC Jewelers T Nagar- Chennai

An organ donation talk was held at NAC Jewelers in T Nagar, Chennai, on August 8th, 2023 organized by MOHAN Foundation, and aimed to raise awareness about the critical need for organ donation. Approximately 70 staff participated in the talk, gathering valuable insights.

Dr. Hemal and Ms. Arshiya of MOHAN Foundation briefly introduced activities of MOHAN Foundation and spoke in greater detail on organ donation, brain death, circulatory death, and becoming an organ donor, and addressed myths and stigma around organ donation. Through engaging discussions, the event effectively highlighted the importance and need for organ donation during Organ Donation Month. Additionally, green ribbons and informative pamphlets were handed out, providing essential information on the benefits of organ donation. These visual aids engaged the audience and encouraged their participation in the talk.

The talk concluded with an interactive question-and-answer session, where attendees could ask Ms. Arshiya, providing an open ground for further clarification on any uncertainties related to organ donation. Twelve people were willing to become organ donors and picked up donor cards.

MOHAN Foundation thanks the Management of NAC Jewellers for supporting and helping organize the event.


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