Publicity of helpline number through Green Friends in Sholinghur

In the early morning of August 03, 2023 Ms. Tamilselvi Asokan, Panchayat President, Sholinghur and Mr. Ashokan, Chairman and the Correspondent of CM Annamari Educational Institutions and Panchayat Green Friends (conservancy workers) were welcomed by MOHAN Foundation’s Mr. Ganesh at Resource Recovery Park, Sholinghur.  The event was to teach the green friends about organ donation and to install Organ Donation Helpline stickers on their vehicles.  

Panchayat Green Friends collect household waste door to door on a daily basis. They casually interact with all while collecting the household waste. With this in mind, Mr. Ganesh C, Marketing Coordinator, thought that it will be easier to broadcast messages of organ donation to all the people in the town if the Green Friends can also speak about organ donation and the helpline.

The awareness session for 51 people commenced with Ms. Tamilselvi welcoming all to join a noble cause, followed by Mr. Asokan sharing his thoughts on organ donation and how a small yes will enlighten someone’s life. Mr. Ganesh briefly spoke on organ donation and the effective usage of Organ Donation Helpline 1800 103 7100 and the Government schemes available for transplant surgery.

During the event information brochures were distributed and helpline stickers were pasted in all the vehicles used for garbage collection. The new sticker had a picture from a previous photo competition with a slogan “Recycle yourself”.

MOHAN Foundation, extends its warm gratitude to Mr. and Ms. Asokan for their support and effort in making this possible on 13th National Organ Donation Day.


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