Organ donation awareness session conducted for paramedical staff at Lata Mangeshkar hospital

On 07th July 2023, an organ donation awareness session was conducted for the paramedical staff at the Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur. Approximately 30 staff members were sensitized. The session aimed to educate the staff about the importance of organ donation, the role of Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) & the significance of the golden period for organ transplantation. The session was led by Ms. Jaya Jairam and Ms. Veena Wathore, who provided valuable insights and information on these topics.


Ms. Jaya, Project Manager-Mumbai, commenced the session by providing an introductory overview of organ donation and its impact on saving lives, scarcity of organs, growing number of patients awaiting transplantation, legal aspects and myths surrounding the same. Later, she shared statistics and real-life stories to emphasize the impact of organ donation on patients and their families.


Ms. Veena Wathore, an expert in the field of organ transplantation, continued the session by explaining the role of ZTCC, how it plays a vital role in coordinating organ transplantation activities in a specific zone, how it maintains a waiting list of recipients and ensures fair distribution of organs based on medical urgency and compatibility. She also emphasized on the Golden Period of Organs, by describing it as the time window during which an organ remains viable for transplantation after the donor's demise. She discussed the importance of efficient organ retrieval and transportation systems to maximize the chances of successful transplantation, timely communication and coordination between hospitals, ZTCC, and transplant teams to ensure that organs are utilized within the golden period.


Following the presentation, Ms. Jaya Jairam opened the floor for questions and discussions. The paramedical staff actively participated and raised queries related to the same. Ms. Jairam and Ms. Wathore answered each question comprehensively, dispelling any misconceptions and providing clear information. The session concluded with Ms. Jaya encouraging organ donation & stressing that individuals have the power to offer a second chance at life to those in need. The paramedical staff gained valuable knowledge and insights, which will enable them to support and educate patients and their families regarding organ donation.


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