Batch 24 of the Organ Donation Ambassador training

The Batch 24 of Organ Donation ambassador training for 9 volunteers concluded  on July 15, 2023.  This training was done via zoom. The module 2 was divided into 4 sessions:

  1. Session 1 was introduction  to the Ambassador, expectations and self introduction by the trainees.  4 of the volunteers were independent adults and the others were college and school students.  Dr. Hemal Kanvinde explained the process of the training and the expectations  of a long commitment to create awareness towards organ donation in the community. 
  2. Session 2 was interactions with experts. The experts were Ms Kavitha Aneesh, Senior Transplant Coordinator, Chennai, Dr Anupma Kaul, Prof, Dept of Nephrology, SGPGI, Lucknow, Dr Hemal Kanvinde, MOHAN Foundation, Chennai and Dr Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee MOHAN Foundation. There were excellent interactions  between the trainees and the experts. Most of the points of discussion were  - How to speak about organ donation;  difference between  brain  death and natural death;  how does a person die; age limit to donation of organs; how to counter the negative campaign in films about organ donation; allo-transplant and good outcomes;  donor maintenance costs and importance of recipient counselling. 
  3. Session 3 was about understanding gratitude to the altruism of the donor family. The volunteers were given a donor story to read and were asked to think of themselves as a recipient of an organ from this donor. Then they were asked to write a thank you letter to the family. All the trainees took time to write a letter and then 4 of them read out their letter of gratitude. Dr Hemal commented on these letters. 
  4. Session 4 was about how to create awareness and tips to make a good presentation. Dr Hemal gave a pictorial presentation on different forms of awareness that have been used to create awareness. She also explained to the volunteers with tips to create a meaningful and succinct presentation on organ donation. 

The training ended with all Ambassadors giving their plans for future and their feedback to the training.  MOHAN Foundation thanks the exports for their time and commitment to help us train our Ambassadors.


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