MOHAN Foundation was invited to conducted an Interactive Session on Organ Donation at Air Humanitarian Homes, Bengaluru

On 28th May, 2023. Mr. Santhosh invited MOHAN Foundation to conduct awareness for the members of Air Humanitarian Homes Chandapura Bengaluru. MOHAN Foundation was represented by Mrs. Ranjini Shankar M S (Project Manager - Bengaluru).

Mrs. Ranjini Shankar MS initiated the session and by introducing MOHAN foundation kept the audience engaged throughout the session. The following concepts were discussed in detail:

  • Importance and need for donation,
  • Eligibility for Organ Donation
  • Concepts of brain stem death and circulatory death
  • Common myths that prevalent in the society
  • Jeevasarthakathe and  its functions
  • The importance of a donor card.

The audience were very interactive and posed several questions. To name a few

Discussion with the audience:

  • Does my age/fitness level disqualify me from being a donor?
  • Whole body donation
  • Is it compulsory for donor family consent for organ donation though they have registered for organ donation?

Close to 45 members attended the session among them 36 of them pledged for organ donation.


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