Workshop on Deceased Organ Donation at Narayana Health, Bengaluru

MOHAN Foundation and Narayana Health in collaboration organized a workshop on ‘Deceased Organ Donation’ at the MSMC auditorium, Narayana Health City, Bengaluru on 5th May, 2023. The workshop was supported by the SBI Foundation. About 100 participants attended the workshop including doctors, nursing staff, technicians and also medical and para-medical students.

The workshop covered various topics such as deceased organ donation and the legal framework in India, Brain stem death - identification and certification, Counselling the grieving families and making the ask for organ donation.

Dr. Akhila Vasanth, pediatric nephrologist from Narayana Health welcomed the speakers, guests and attendees with a brief introduction about organ transplants and the need for deceased organ donation.

Ms. Sujatha Suriyamoorthi (Associate Director - Courses), MOHAN Foundation delivered the talk on ‘Legal framework of deceased organ donation and transplant in India’. She discussed about the transplant law in the country, their amendments and brainstem death and provisions for donation after brainstem death. In addition, she also spoke about the licensing process for hospitals under the transplantation of human organs act.

Followed by her talk, Dr. Sunil Karanth, Head, Critical Care Medicine, Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru talked about brainstem death. He addressed identification and certification of brainstem death, testing for brainstem reflexes, apnea test and role of ancillary tests. He also emphasized on the early identification of potential brain death donors and their management in ICU.

Dr. Theepeswamy Veeresha, Transplant Coordinator, Institute of Gastroenterology Sciences and Transplant, Victoria Hospital Campus, Bengaluru was the speaker for the session on counselling grieving families. He is an inspiration for many not only in the field of transplant and organ donation, but also in the wheel-chair cricket category. He spoke about the various stages of grief, counselling process and dos and don’ts in counselling.

The workshop included few activities organized by MOHAN Foundation to make the session more interactive and provide clarity and better understanding about the deceased donation, and steps involved in medico-legal cases. Students had an active participation and enjoyed the role plays to understand deceased organ donation and breaking bad news.


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