A virtual Organ Donation awareness talk conducted for Global Insurance Brokers Private, Ltd

On 10th August 2022, Ms. Jaya Jairam, Project Director of MOHAN Foundation was invited to conducted a virtual awareness talk on organ donation for employees of Global Insurance Brokers Private, Ltd. Ms Urmila Malik, Senior Manager of the company initiated the session and introduced Ms. Jairam. Close to 55 people attended this talk.

Ms. Jaya Jairam introduced MOHAN Foundation and its activities with its vision, mission and objectivies. The session was interactive and was explained with examples.

 Contents described in this session:

● What comes to your mind when you think of organ donation?

● Concept of organ donation and tissue donate

● Who can donate?

● Difference between living donor and deceased donor

● Types of Death

  1. Circulatory death
  2. Brain death

● Brain death declaration through tests and procedures.

● The status of organ donation in India and its requirements.

● Myths on organ donation and its facts.

● Importance of donor card and how one can become an organ donor.

● Helpline Number 18001037100 was shared with the participants.

Ms. Jairam gave her own life example and explained how organ transplant can save lives. The session was very interactive where participants enthusiastically contributed to the discussion and several questions were asked. To mention a few:

  • Will the body be returned to the family after the organs are retrived?
  • What is body donation and how is it different from organ donation?
  • Can organs be stored?
  • Can people with tattoos on body donate their skin?
  • What if someone dies in a remote area? Is organ donation possible over there?
  • What if the family members are unable to get in touch with MOHAN Foundation? Are there alternatives?
  • What if I have already signed up for a donor card through some other agency? Do I still need to sign up with MOHAN Foundation

MOHAN Foundation is thankful for Global Insurance and its team for inviting us and supporting the cause of organ donation.



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