Ms. Pallavi Kumar invited as a speaker at a panel discussion organized by Voice of Healthcare, Gurugram, Haryana

On August 13, 2022, Ms. Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director, MOHAN Foundation-Delhi NCR was invited as a speaker at a panel discussion organized by Voice of Healthcare, Gurugram, Haryana to mark World Organ Donation Day. The objective of the panel discussion was to raise awareness about organ donation and to trigger in-depth discussions by eminent medical specialists, policy makers, and organizations working in the field of organ donation and to discuss the latest trends and approaches which are taking place to raise awareness on organ donation.


Voice of Healthcare (VOH) acts as a think tank for policy advocacy, idea leadership and sustainable advancement of the healthcare ecosystem, both in India and globally. Eminent speakers like Dr. Vishwanath S, HOD and Consultant, Nephrology, Transplant Physician, Manipal Hospital, New Delhi, Mr. Harish Manian, CEO, MGM Healthcare, Dr. Reshma Tewari, Chief Critical Care Unit I, Artemis Hospitals, Gurugram & Ms. Sunanya Arora Singh, CEO, ORGAN (Organ Receiving and Giving Awareness Network) were the other invited panelists. The panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Reshma Tewari.


Following questions were asked and discussed during the panel discussion:

  • What is the current scenario of organ transplantation in India? Do you think we have progressed during the last few years?
  • What organ donation numbers are achievable in the coming years?
  • What kind of NGO run organ donation programmes, active in India?
  • From a managerial standpoint, what do you believe is the ideal technology and infrastructure framework that healthcare organisations and hospitals may require in order for organ donation to become less demanding and more seamless with other organisations around us? 
  • What do you think south India did differently to achieve highest organ donation rate as compared to other parts of India?
  • Can you throw some light on misinformation and myths associated with organ donation, particularly in the case of brain death?
  • What kind of policy interventions may fill these gaps and boost organ donation in India?
  • Who can donate organs?
  • Are the world transplant games only for transplant recipients or can living donors take part as well?
  • Do you believe our country requires a state-level law to implement an opt-out system? 
  • What are the hurdles that transplant recipients and donors may have to face in participating in world transplant games?
  • What are the bottlenecks for grief counsellors at the ICU level, especially when there is a brain death case?


The panel discussion was live on Facebook (55 views), YouTube (71 views) and LinkedIn (533 views). Click here to watch the video.


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