Organ Donation awareness talk conducted at The Springs Society, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai

On 15th August 2022, on the occassion of Independence day celebrartion, Ms. Rashmi Shetty was invited to conduct an organ donation awareness session at The Springs Society, Kalamboli, Taloji, Navi Mumbai. Ms. Vishikha Tripathi- ambassador of MOHAN Foundation organized this session. She introduced Ms. Rashmi and MOHAN Foundation to the audience and handed over the session to Ms. Rashmi.

Ms. Rashmi addressed the audience by asking a few questions on organ donation and elucidated the need and importance of organ donation in India and engaged the audience by discussing the following concepts

  • The concept of Organ donation and Transplantation
  • The types of death i.e., cardiac death and brain death
  • Brain death and the procedure of deceased organ donation and live organ donation.
  • Common myths and facts related to organ donation and how it impacts on organ donation.


She shared information on the ways the audience could get involved and support organ donation. She encouraged and appealed to each one of them to become ambassadors of organ donation.


The audience gave a huge round of applause to Ms. Rashmi Shetty and thanked her for giving them a meaningful and valuable talk on organ donation, which was new to many of them. Close to 300 residents of the society participated in the event. Finally a 75 year old Kidney recipient came forward and shared his experience, which motivated the audience to pledge their organs.


At the end of the session, many people started pledging their organs online through MOHAN Foundation website.


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