Awareness Session on Organ Donation Conducted for the Students & Staff of Magic Bus India Foundation Tughlakabad Livelihood Centre, New Delhi

MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct an awareness session on organ donation on July 27, 2022, for the students & staff of Magic Bus India Foundation Tughlakabad Livelihood Centre, New Delhi. The session was organized by Ms. Simran Anand, Program Officer at MOHAN Foundation with the coordination of Ms. Radhika Jeenwal, District Livelihood Manager at Magic Bus India Foundation. Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi, Programme Manager, MOHAN Foundation NCR, was the resource person and Ms. Simran Anand accompanied her.


Magic Bus India Foundation works with children and young people, living in poverty, in India, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. It includes financial literacy, digital literacy, spoken English and career awareness that will help young people to get a job of their choice.


The session was attended by girls in the age group 18-25 belonging to a marginalised community of South Delhi and the staff of the centre.


Dr. Muneet started the session by asking the participants about their purpose to enroll themselves in the Magic Bus Foundation course and what they expected to learn. Very interesting responses came up. After that an organ donation movie was played to set the pace for the sensitization session. Following which the basic concepts of organ donation and transplantation were explained with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. The following topics were explained in detail:

  • Organ donation and its need in the society
  • When and how does organ donation take place
  • Organs that can be donated during life and after death
  • Transplant waiting list in India
  • Brain death
  • Difference between brain death and coma
  • Role of MOHAN Foundation
  • Myths and facts about organ donation
  • Eye donation


The importance of family consent in the process of organ donation was explained in detail. Dr. Muneet was surprised by the amazing responses and knowledge of the  subject amongst participants belonging to  marginalised community. One of the participant shared her family’s experience of eye donation of her sister-in-law after her death.


Over all the session was very interactive where participants enthusiastically contributed to the discussion and asked many queries. To name a few: 

  • How can the youth help in promoting the cause of organ donation?
  • Brain death versus circulatory death, what is the difference?
  • Process to follow if someone wants to pledge for organ donation or someone wants an organ?
  • What is the main reason why organ donation is not possible even when people are willing to donate, is it the doctors or the judiciary?
  • What other websites are available apart from MOHAN Foundation, where one can visit and sign up for organ donation?
  • What are the certification courses provided by MOHAN Foundation?


At the end of the session, brain death movie was shown to give clarity on the difference between brain death and coma.  Dr. Muneet also explained the importance of eye donation and the whole process of eye donation. She motivated the audience to pledge for eye donation and share the information with  their parents  and  extended families.


Close to 25 participants attended the session.


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