Organ Donation Ambassador organizes online session on organ donation

On Sunday June19, 2022 the Indian Association of Secretaries and  Administrative Professionals (IASAP) as well as the OLSH Women’s Cell organized an online awareness session under the guidance of Mrs Marjorie Texeria Organ Donation Ambassador of Mangalore. 


The session speaker was Dr Hemal Kanvinde, Quality Assurance officer, MOHAN Foundation Chennai. 12 members of the association attended the session. Dr Hemal gave information on the what, when why and who can become organ donors.  She explained the concept of brain death and the way to pledge ad organ donors. 


The post talk discussion was based on how to get an organ, what are the ways they can create more awareness, how do organs get allocated to patients, is there a possibility of artificial organs to lessen the waiting time for a patient. 


MOHAN Foundation thanks Ambassador Marjorie for her efforts to organize an awareness event. 



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