Organ Donation Awareness (session 1) at the Apollo Institute of Hospital Management and Allied Sciences, Chennai

An awareness program on Organ Donation was held on 29th March, 2022, at 10.30 am at Apollo Institute of Hospital Management and Allied Sciences. Nearly 45 students from 3rd year Allied Health Sciences benefitted from the program.  MOHAN Foundation was represented by Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, Quality Assurance Officer and Ms. Preetha Baskar, Project Executive - Public Education.


As a start, a short video on how Organ Donation has changed the lives of the people was played. The first session was by Ms. Preetha Baskar. She briefed about the concepts, myths, statistics and other relevant facts about Organ Donation. She also emphasized the importance of donation and the process to pledge organs.


An activity based session on Deceased Donation Protocols in Hospitals was carried out by Dr. Hemal Kanvinde. Students were taught about the protocols to be followed for a successful organ donation and transplantation. They willingly participated in this activity.


Question and answer session was conducted by Dr. Hemal Kanvinde. Students opened up their questions. Can a living person donate one eye, is parent’s consent required to pledge organs and does skin donation require prior registration?  All these questions were answered.


Before ending the session an inspiring video on the story of a heart transplant recipient was screened and was followed by a short presentation of the transplant coordinator training programs offered by MOHAN Foundation.


MOHAN Foundation thank Dr. Eugin Fernando, Principal, Apollo Institute for Hospital Management and Health Sciences, for granting permission and Dr. KS Srivani  Koundiniya, Professor for the organization.



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