Organ Donation sensitization programme conducted at Palave Vasti, Fursungi, Pune.

On 18th January, 2022, sensitization programme on organ donation was conducted by Mr. Jagdish and Mrs. Snehal Mule, MSW student of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth College in Fursungi.

The event was organized by Samajik Mahashakti Seva Sanstha on the occasion of Bhagwaan Baba’s death anniversary. Mr. Desale, Social Service Superintendent of Blood bank at Sassoon General Hospital coordinated blood donation camp. 

Mr. Jagdish introduced MOHAN Foundation and its activities to the audience.

He then discussed the following topics on organ donation

  1. Concept of organ donation and its types
  2. Concept of Brain death
  3. Types of death- Brain death, Circulatory death.
  4. Organs and tissues donated after brain death and circulatory death
  5. Why organ donation is important in India?
  6. Importance of eye donation and its procedure was explained.

Mr. Jagdish stressed upon pledging of organs and its importance. Mr. Dhananjay Kamothe, President of BJP, Taluka Haveli, took pledge as an eye donor.

The session inspired and motivated participants to pledge their organs. 400 participants participated in the session.

Questions asked by the audience were as follows:

  1. How can you know a person’s wish about donating his organs after his death?
  2. Who can donate blood?


We thank Samajik Mahashakti Seva Sanstha for giving us an opportunity to conduct organ donation awareness programme and for supporting organ donation.


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