Awareness Talk on Organ Donation at Govt. Model Senior Secondary School, Sector - 28D Chandigarh

On 19th January 2022, MOHAN Foundation was invited by Ms. Renu Mohan, NSS Program Officer, to conduct an awareness talk on organ donation for their NSS Students.  Around 33 students and 2 teachers attended the session.


At the beginning of the session, Ms. Renu Mohan, Program Officer welcomed all the participants and introduced Ms. Neha Sharma Katoch. She then invited her to begin the session.


Ms. Neha began the session by explaining the full form of MOHAN. She informed the audience that MOHAN is not someone’s name but an acronym. She explained the basic concepts of organ donation and transplantation with the help of a simple PowerPoint presentation. The following topics were explained in detail:

  • Organ donation and its need
  • When and how does organ donation take place
  • Organs that can be donated during life and after death
  • The transplant waiting list in India
  • Brain death
  • Difference between brain death and coma
  • Contraindications to organ donation
  • Transplant Law
  • Role of MOHAN Foundation
  • Organ donation myths and facts
  • Eye donation


The entire group got motivated and convinced to support organ donation. The awareness talk ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Renu Mohan. She encouraged the students to aware the society about organ donation and also how transplant can change lives are extremely powerful. She ended up saying donate organs is a generous and a worthwhile decision that can save lives.


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