All India Radio Chennai interviews MOHAN Foundation on National Organ Donation Day

On the 27th November 2021, on the occasion of the National Organ Donation Day, the All India Radio Chennai FM Rainbow broadcasted a special programme for its listeners on organ donation awareness. Dr. Hemal Kanvide, Quality Assurance Officer of MOHAN Foundation had sought permission and coordinated the programme along with Mr. Harish of AIR. The FM channel covers the whole of Tamil Nadu state and is also available over the News on Air App, reaching out to a huge number of listeners.


The porgramme featured an interview of Ms. Ishwarya (Research Associate of MOHAN Foundation) and Mr. Periyanayagam (Transplant Coordinator). AIR’s RJ Raghul interviewed the two on various topics related to organ, tissue and body donation. The objective of the programme was to educate the listeners of the FM channel about the basic concepts of organ donation, bust some myths around the subject and stress the importance of donation.


The following questions raised by the RJ were answered during the broadcast:

  • What is organ donation and why is it required?
  • What are the organs and tissues that can be donated?
  • How does an organ failure patient get an organ?
  • How is organ allocation done?
  • What is the most commonly transplanted organ and why?
  • How much do transplant surgeries cost and are there government schemes available to help people?
  • What are the formalities involved in whole body donation?
  • Why are people hesitant to sign up as organ donors?
  • What is the significance of the Organ Donation Day?
  • How to sign up as an organ donor?


MOHAN Foundation is thankful to AIR and RJ Raghul for the opportunity and their support for the cause.


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