Sensitization on Organ Donation held for MSF Department of I.G.G.M.C Hospital, Nagpur

On 25th November 2021, MOHAN Foundation in collaboration with Transplants – Help the Poor Foundation, conducted Sensitization on Organ Donation for the MSF Department MSF Officials second batch at IGGMC Hospital, Nagpur. The session was jointly organized by Mr. Ashok Patil and Ms Prarthana Dwivedi (Transplant Coordinator)

Ms Prarthana Dwivedi began her session with introduction of MOHAN Foundation and its activities.  She then spoke about the organs that can be donated by Living Donor in case of an emergency to save the life of a family member or a loved one. She continued explaining about the different types of death and the organs that can be donated in each case. The concept of brain death was introduced to the audience and the causes of brain death were explained. Difference between coma and brain death and all the tests performed to certify brain death were elaborately explained.

Dr Vaishali Shelgaokar (HOD Anaesthesia) were also present. Around 58 participants attended the session and about 29 pledged to become Organ Donors also received brochures containing information about organ donation. The staff was also invited to join various volunteering programs. Details of toll-free Organ Donation Helpline Number were also shared with them.

We thank Mr. Ashok Patil for inviting us and all the participants for supporting the cause of organ donation.


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