Radio Talk at Radio City 91.9 FM on World Kindness Day

Mr. Sudhir Dewan, Director, MOHAN Foundation, Chandigarh was invited by RJ Aman Malhotra on 11th November 2021 to give bytes on organ donation, an act of kindness. Recording of this talk took place on 11th November and was relayed on 13th November 2021 in commemoration of World Kindness Day.


During the bytes, Mr. Sudhir Dewan conveyed that the biggest act of kindness is to give life to and end stage organ failure patient. We should pledge our organs so that someone else can live after and incase our organs are donated after death.


After brain death our 8 organs can be donated and even after natural death, two eyes can give sight to two people upon cornea transplant.


People carry various myths in their mind that if we donate an organ in this life, we may be born again without that organ, our religion does not permit organ donation. Mr. Dewan explained that these are just myths which have no relevance. All religions encourage saving other’s lives.


In the end, RJ Aman thanked Mr. Dewan for explaining this kind act of organ donation and encouraged audience to pledge organs for giving life to others on World Kindness Day.


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