MOHAN Foundation Invited to Conduct an Online Awareness Session on Organ Donation for the Staff at Matteen Kumar LLC, Gurugram

On October 12, 2021 MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct an online awareness session on organ donation for the staff at Matteen Kumar LLC. The session was initiated by Ms. Apeksha Pathak Senior Manager, Leadership Support, MattsenKumar LLC. Ms. Pathak being a part of the social outreach committee at MK came across MOHAN Foundation and its role in promoting organ donation through a special broadcast on the television show KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) and subsequently decided to include organ donation awareness as a part of their social outreach activities. From MOHAN foundation Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi was invited to conduct the session on organ donation.


This session was conducted as a part of the month-long organ donation awareness campaign being run at MK as a part of their social outreach activity programme with the aim of familiarising the staff with the concept of organ donation, tackling the myths related to organ donation and to help them understand different ways in which they could contribute to the cause.


The online session was opened by Ms. Apeksha by introducing Dr. Muneet as the speaker for the session. Dr. Muneet explained the concept of organ donation with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. She initiated the session by introducing the concept of organ donation, she also informed the participants of some facts regarding the oldest and eldest recorded donor in history. The concept of “brain death” was explained with the help of a short informative film. She also shed light on the concept of “consent” related to organ donation after death. She explained to the participants of the various steps involved in brain death declaration and clarified the concept of legal death.


The following topics were explained in detail:  

  • Organ donation and its need
  • Status of organ donation in India
  • When and how does organ donation take place
  • Organs that can be donated during life and after death
  • Transplant Law
  • Cornea donation
  • Brain death
  • Causes of brain death
  • Difference between brain death and coma
  • Contraindications to organ donation
  • Role of MOHAN Foundation
  • Role of Individuals / Public
  • Organ donation Myths and Facts


The following were some of the queries raised by the participants:

  • How many lives can be saved by the act of organ donation by an individual?
  • If I am not a pledged donor, can organ donation still happen after death?
  • What are the organs that can be donated by an older aged individual?
  • If my family refuses to give consent for donation, can I still donate my organs?
  • Is directed donation possible? If so in which cases, is it permitted?


Dr. Muneet concluded the session by informing the participants about the great impact of grief counselling while handling cases of brain death. The audience was explained the process of signing up to be an organ donor and the importance of family dialogue related to organ donation. She also outlined the various ways in which the participants could join/contribute to promoting and highlighting the cause of organ donation. Ms. Apeksha thanked Dr. Muneet for the greatly informative session. The session concluded on a heart-warming note when a participant shared the commendable act wherein 26 of his family members had signed up for body donation.  


Feedback from the audience:

  • This is a great session. Very Informative
  • Thankyou Dr. Sahi for an informative session


Close to 234 participants attended the session. 


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