Two Sessions of Organ Donation Awareness at Cloudnine Hospital, Chennai

MOHAN Foundation was invited by the Cloudnine Maternity Hospital at Teynampet to address the hospital admin team and staff on the topic of organ donation. Two sessions were held in the hospital premises on 23rd September 2021.  Miss. Sherene who had previously registered as an organ donor through MOHAN Foundation in 2014, helped in this collaboration between MOHAN Foundation and Cloudnine Hospitals.

Mr. Surendra Karwa, the Zonal Manager of the hospital felicitated Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, the Quality Assurance Officer of MOHAN Foundation who was the speaker for the occasion. Dr. Rachel Chacko, Intern at MOHAN Foundation distributed information brochures to the participants.

Dr. Hemal introduced the topic of organ donation and listed the organs and tissues that can be donated. She went onto explain the difference between living and deceased donations and brain death and coma. Myths related to organ donation and transplantation were discussed as well.

A couple of case studies were then presented to the audience. The hand transplant recipient Ms. Shreya’s story moved the hearts of audience and urged them to consider organ donation. Towards the end of the session the crowd was greatly convinced about the importance of organ donation and how a small act of kindness could make a huge difference.  

Around 51 participants attended the two sessions and enquired about the registration process and the role of family consent during organ donation/transplantation. There were 35 participants who pledged immediately after the session and were proud to have the organ donor card with them. The audience were thankful for a program like this and happy to have been a part of it.


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