Radio Programme for Eye Donation Awareness in Rajasthan

MFJCF’s radio programme on organ donation for the rural areas of Rajasthan is being regularly broadcast on 101.2 AIR. A radio play which beautifully captures the essence of organ donation and informs the listeners about the toll-free organ donation helpline number, is a highlight of this programme. AIR has almost 4000-5000 live listeners via their mobile app, and via radio it covers 70% area of Rajasthan.

Commemorating the Eye Donation Awareness Fortnight, the programme on 5th September 2021 at 7pm, also featured Dr. Neeraj Shah, Cornea Transplant Surgeon and Dr. Devika Singh from Sankara Eye Hospital as guest speakers. The doctors addressed the following common myths associated with eye donation:

  • Eye donation will delay the funeral
  • The face of the donor will be distorted after eye donation
  • I have glasses so I cannot donate eyes
  • If I donate eyes, I will be born blind in the next life
  • My eyes will be sold after death
  • Eye transplantation surgery is not successful

Towards the end, they motivated the audience to pledge for eye and organ donation to give people a second chance at life. The listeners were informed to call the 24*7 toll-free organ donation helpline number to know more about eye and organ donation and if they need any assistance regarding the same. Dr. Shah was an invited speaker in a similar programme on the 29th August. This programme was sponsored by Sankara Eye Hospital and Young India Foundation.


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