'From Dust to Life', an awareness talk by MOHAN Foundation for MES Pillai College, New Panvel, on World Organ donation day


MOHAN Foundation's Ms Jaya Jairam was invited by Ms. Namrata Saxena to conduct an awareness talk of Mahatma Education Society's Pillai College of Education and Research, New Panvel, on 13th August 2021, between 11 AM and 12.30 PM.
The audience comprised of teachers and principals of various schools. 65 participants logged into the zoom platform and the awareness talk was also streamed Live on the organiser's YouTube channel, which garnered 162 views, thus taking the total reach to 227.
Ms Jaya Jairam touched upon the concepts of organ donation, the need to talk about the topic amongst our loved ones, the myths and barriers about organ donation and lastly how one can take the pledge and commit to the cause themselves. She also shared her own personal story of how she is able to lead a normal life after her mother donated one of her kidneys.
The YouTube link is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJKBs7zbIlU 
Following were some of the questions that were asked by the audience -
1. How long after death do the organs survive?
2. What happens if the organs are retrieved but there is no recipient available?
3. If I pledged my organs while alive, can my husband or son's denial post my death prevent my organs from being donated?
4. Can a person suffering from an infectious disease donate their organs?
5. How is it ensured that details of the Pledgers is kept private?
Some of the feedback given by the audience were as follows -
"Your talks was very inspiring and encouraging. It was emotional and touched a chord in our hearts. Thank you for this wonderful session"
" 'From Dust to Life' has given us a new meaning"
MOHAN Foundation thanks Ms. Namrata Saxena, Ms. Sally Enos (Principal) and the team of MES's Pillai College, New Panvel for taking the initiative to organise an awareness talk, thereby supporting organ donation.



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