Ambassador Sahithi organises Awareness for Students of Symbiosis Institute

On 12th August 2021, Dr. Sahithi Sri B, a Dentist and Postgraduate student of Public Health, and an organ donation ambassador of MOHAN Foundation organized an awareness session. The audience were the students pursuing Masters in Public Health, Public Health Nutrition and Dietetics and Faculty of Health Sciences of the Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune. 

The session began with a brief introduction of Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan – Research Associate from MOHAN Foundation who was the speaker for the event. Dr Abha Arya, Faculty at the institute formally welcomed the participants. Starting with the importance of blood and eye donation, Ishwarya explained organ failure and causes, brain death and the organs/tissues that can be donated after brain death and circulatory death.

The second half of the discussion focused on need for organ donation, domestic and international statistics, and benefits of organ donation. Transplant law, organ allocation and the transplant waiting list were also points of discussion. 

The last part of the discussion featured testimonials from donor families, procedure to pledge organs and importance of conversation with the family once the organs are pledged. The Q&A that followed was interesting; the below are few questions answered:

  • Procedure to register for a liver transplant
  • Organ allocation and matching in case of multi-organ failure
  • Organ donation in case of chronic health conditions
  • Can a person with tattoos donate blood?
  • What happens if a person who did not wish to be an organ donor, is declared brain dead and family consents for donation?
  • Is mercy killing an option to improve organ donation rates?

Around 85 students attended this virtual session. MOHAN Foundations is thankful to the Symbiosis Institute and Dr. Sahithi for the initiative.


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